Fischer Carbonlite Skate Cold
Fischer Carbonlite Skate Cold


Top performance at World Cup level: the Carbonlite Skate Cold offers a base and Cold finish from the World Cup. At -2°C and colder the RACE CODE model stands out through extremely easy skiing and optimum gliding characteristics.

  • Fine and flat Cold structure, perfect for cold and dry conditions. Produced using a synthetic diamond.
  • Infrared preparation with fluoride-content hot wax. Best gliding properties, protection against dirt and oxidation. Powered by Swix.
  • Skating construction with HM carbon laminates to reduce ski tip mass. Requires less effort thanks to reduced pendulum action.
  • Skating race ski construction for maximum speed through pressure relief at the ski tip and tail. Perfect on compact to soft snow.
  • The next generation in ski pairing: fully automatic dynamic measurements of a multitude of pairing criteria ensures precise ski choice and optimised pairing.
  • Multiaxial T300 1K carbon fibre for ski tip, ski tail and as laminate. Extremely tough and minimum weight.
  • Arrow-shaped sidecut for improved performance and dynamics especially for the 1:1 skating technique.
  • Reinforced ski chassis ensures longer service life. Homogeneous pressure distribution ensures uniform wax wear.
  • The lightest material from Fischer: bidirectional Air Core technology with multiaxial carbon fabric for under 500 g per ski and top performance.
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K2 Aluminum Avalanche Probe
K2 Aluminum Avalanche Probe


K2 s avalanche probes typify their commitment to backcountry travel – light, strong, reliable and well thought-out. The K2 Aluminum 300 Avalanche Probe is a full-length version with their stoutest construction, giving you better durability and improved probing performance in consolidated snow. The shaft is marked in 1 cm increments for accuracy in depth and snowpit observations, and the Backslide Auto-Lock makes assembly and disassembly simple even with gloves on. Indents in K2’s Trigger Pull Handle secure your probe and keep things neat when it’s in your pack.



Aluminum alloy shaft with alloy hardware


Extended – 300 cm (118 in)

Collapsed – 42 cm (16.5 in)

Ruler – 300 cm length allows full-depth probing and 1 cm marking on shaft of probe ensure accuracy in depth observations.


Trigger Pull Handle – A secure, rapid probe deployment that also keeps the probe packaged neatly when not in use.

Backslide Auto-Lock – Secure auto-locking hardware and non-slip textured shaft allow for easy assembly with gloved hands.

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Swix LF8 Glidewax (60g)
Swix LF8 Glidewax (60g)


Temperature range from -4°C to 4°C (25°F to 39°F). Recommended iron temp: 130°C (266°F). A continuation of the LF8, a great wax for both base-prep and training. It can also can be used as a race wax, preferably with Cera F powder on top. Easy to melt and very convenient to work with.

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