Having ski gear is great, but how are you going to carry it?

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It’s actually pretty amazing how much gear you need for a day of nordic or alpine skiing, especially with a family. Thrown in a pile in the garage, it can make quite the mess. Stored in dedicated ski bags, however, and the unorganized disaster becomes manageable and (almost) easy to deal with.

While garbage bags will certainly work (until they break apart or are accidentally thrown out with the trash), modern technology offers us FAR better options. Various companies now make ski bags for both nordic and alpine that can carry anywhere from 1 – 5 sets of skis, along with boots, helmets, and clothing.

Want to keep your boots separate from your skis? Evoc makes an excellent bag for just that. Have 3 sets of nordic skis plus boots and poles that you want kept together? Fischer makes multiple bags for that, including an option with rollers to make transport that much easier. Want to climb to the top of a peak and ski down? We have bags by Arc’teryx and Lowe Alpine that will carry your skis or snowboard, all your safety gear, some clothes, and even food and water.

To check out the latest options for gear storage and transportation, drop by Skookum Cycle & Ski in Salmon Arm (Monday – Saturday, 9-6 and Sunday 10-4).