Downhill boots DO NOT have to be painful!

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There is a common misconception that there’s no such thing as comfortable downhill ski boots. Thankfully, this is completely false. Ski boots, like feet, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The key to being warm and comfortable is to match your feet to the boot that best matches them.

Simply by looking at your feet and taking a few measurements, our professional boot fitters can help you pick a boot that holds your heels snugly in place, properly supports your arches, that flexes sufficiently, and offers your toes the room the need. While this process takes time (expect to spend about an hour for a boot-fitting session), we promise that it will be totally worth it.

Once you have chosen your new favourite boots, we will heat mold them right away to customise the liners to your feet. This has a similar effect to skiing for 4-5 days, but take only 10-15 minutes! 🙂

Then what? Go skiing of course!