Top 10 Reasons to SUP

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With the heat of summer upon us and water levels finally receding, it’s time to get out and enjoy the lakes and rivers of the Shuswap. One fantastic way to do that is with a SUP (Stand Up Paddle board). As soon as you step on the SUP board and grab a paddle, you’ll understand why so many people are getting into this activity: it’s fun, easy, and VERY relaxing.
Need more convincing? Here are the top ten reasons to SUP:

10. It’s fun! Yes, you may fall in, especially when you are first learning, but so what?!? That water is refreshing and a great place to…swim.

9. Anyone can do it. Seriously. Young or old, delicate or Arnold-like, everyone can do it.

8. One word – core. 16 words – it’s an excellent activity for developing your entire core, along with every other major muscle group.

7. The views! Whether you’re gently paddling along the shoreline of the Shuswap or heading out further into the unknown, there is nothing to block the amazing views we all know and love.

6. It’s environmentally friendly. No motor. No fuel. Just you and the food and drink you need to keep your own body’s engine running.

5. Variety – SUP’s can be used to explore lakes, surf ocean waves, navigate whitewater, take the place of a yoga mat, or anything else you can think of. So incredibly versatile, yet so simple and easy to learn!

4. Relaxing yet intense. Very little beats the serenity of floating on calm water. Crave something more exhilarating? Stand up and race your buddy to the next buoy or alcove (or, my personal favorite, add padding to the handle of your paddle and challenge your partner to a joust match!)

3. It’s a whole-body workout, not just for core-strength. Just by going out for a paddle, you’ll improve your strength, agility, balance, stability, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.

2. Fun for the whole family! You can share your SUP session with your partner, your kids, or even your pets! Yup, tons of people regularly take out their dogs, cats, or even rabbits (not highly recommended) and have a grand old time.

1. People that do things are just cooler. Yup, I said it. Sometimes it’s fun to watch a show or play a game inside. If the weather is amazing though, why not take advantage and play outside? You’ll get fit, meet more people, have more to talk about, look better, feel better, and generally be better.

Rentals are available at Skookum Cycle & Ski, so you are more than welcome to try before you buy. $40 gets you a full day rental of either a 10’10” or 12’6″ Blu Wave inflatable SUP (fits into it’s own backpack), pump, paddle, and all the tips and instructions you need. Have a stellar time and want to buy? We will put that $40 towards your purchase, so your rental was FREE!!!