Salty Dogs and Apple Pies

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Article, Video and Photos by Tennille Barber

The Salty Dog Enduro has been going on for 12 years.  I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Peasgood and Greg Scharf who run Skookum Cycle and Ski when Mike Gravelle introduced us at the Big White Ski Show.  This event was larger than I thought at around 750 competitors total, around 520 adults and the rest children.  It’s a good thing the parking lot was a massive field because it was full at 8am, 750 competitors plus their families equals a lot of people.  Complete with food, coffee, and a centralized beer gardens, there wasn’t much one was wanting for, and all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the action.

The course is 11km long, and this event is frequented by regular entries, recurring by people who just can’t overlook how fun it is each year.  For the biggest reason that a competitor can bring their family to have fun as well.  I saw husband and wife teams, son and father teams, and the littlest competitors on their push bikes assisted by moms on Mother’s Day.  However, don’t be fooled, I also saw a couple good bumps, bruises, and bloody faces.  I’m told the adult race course involves technical downhill.


A panoramic of the tent city at the 2013 Salty Dog Enduro

Cory Wallace and his apple pie
Cory Wallace and his apple pie

Walking through the tents, there were many different strategies people use to make it through this kind of event.  Some prefer sustenance in the form of V8 juice or soup packages.  Duct tape seems to be a crowd favorite, and there’s quite a difference in preference to single or multi speed bikes.  Band aids can be used for all different types of purposes and one thing is for sure, this crowd is the fittest I’ve ever had the pleasure of hanging out with, along with being the mellowest.  I suppose there’s something to be said for the amount of exercise that must be had to complete a competition like this, and the way it affects your disposition.  A chat with Cory Wallace, the winner of the under 40 elite, was much like talking with an old friend.  Tom and Greg competed themselves in the event, saying hi to me on the course while I was taking photos.  The beer gardens was right in the middle of all the action so everyone could see their favorites finish the race.  Six hours and 30 minutes later, they handed out the many awards to some very excited faces along with the tasty pies.

Shimano, Norco, Dakine, Fox, North Face, Sugoi, Pearl Izumi, Giant, Kona, Blue Canoe Bakery, and WaterWay house boats all dedicated prizing to the event.  There was a real down home feel to this event with some handmade and thoughtful touches.  The medals were made from rounds of a young tree and hand written on by one of the kids for each individual who placed.  However, I have to say the most enjoyed prizing was for the winner of each category, Shuswap Pie Company’s apple pie.

DSC01386 DSC01377 DSC01374 Mel Bernier representing Skookum's Revelstoke Shop DSC01356 DSC01343 Tom Peasgood a kilometre from the finish DSC01322 DSC01320 DSC01315 DSC01312 DSC01306 DSC01285 DSC01254 DSC01244 DSC01211 DSC01208 The under 15's waiting to tag in DSC01160 Volunteers on the course helping with the Salty pups DSC01143 DSC01142 DSC01138 DSC01135 DSC01100 DSC01039 DSC01033  DSC01014 The handmade medals Tent City DSC01009 The parking lot at 75% full in the morning  DSC01550 DSC01549 DSC01548  The awards ceremony DSC01542 DSC01540 Greg Scharf and Skookum Salmon Arm Staff members DSC01519 DSC01511 DSC01510 High Fives at the finish line DSC01506 Revelstoke Cycle Association represented DSC01489 DSC01483 DSC01481 Cory Wallace at the finish after 10 laps DSC01477 DSC01476 Bumps and bruises Some of the family from Skookum at the finish DSC01466 DSC01454 Flowt from Revelstoke represented A husband and wife team at the finish The centralized beer gardens Greg Hill at the finish Replenishing in the tent after a job well done DSC01438 Tag, you're it, Tom Peasgood and his partner DSC01431 DSC01428 DSC01424 Mel Bernier on the track DSC01408 DSC01405 DSC01396