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Save money, Clean and Lube your chain:


To keep the chain pivots clean and reduce wear of the drive train. The drive train is your rear cassette, chain, derailleur and front chain rings.


Back pedal your cranks while applying a small amount of chain lube on the bottom links behind the cranks. Take a rag and wrap around the chain, back pedal the cranks through the rag until the chain appears clean. If over lube, back pedal chain through rage and clean thoroughly.

Which chain lube?

Do not use WD40, it will dry out links and seals. Use a thin teflon or synthetic based lube. Finsih Line or Pedros light lubes work awesome.

When, how often?

After every wet ride or approx 6 hours of riding, or when the drive train sounds like mice live in the derailleur! The bike will be ready the next time it leaves your house.

Over lubing is bad!

Over lubing signs: drive train parts are coating in black oily grainy substance, called GUNK! Prevents chain from shifting properly and wears out teeth on the cogs. Fix by cleaning with a chain degreaser, with a brush and rag. Being careful to not get any lube or degreaser on disk brakes or rotors. After cleaning the chain needs to be lubed, see above.


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