Energize your next adventure with an E-Bike

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Skookum Cycle & Ski now carries a number of electric bike options. Want a perfectly integrated system complete with bike and electic pedal assist? The Miele Evox is AMAZING! Choose between 520watts of power or 780watts of even-more-power.

Have a bike already and just want to add a bit of rechargeable boost? No problem – the electric add-on kits by BionX are the perfect answer.

2017 Miele Evox

  • Lightweight and well-balanced, this extremely stable city bike is an electric bike like no other. The City520 has a range of up to 150km, charges in 80 minutes, and has more than enough power for our local hills. The rear rack is strong enough to carry groceries, school books, or anything else you need to take with you, and front and rear fenders come standard, as does an incredibly comfortable seat and mechanical disc brakes.



2017 BionX E-bike kits

  • Another popular option for getting into an E-bike is to install an E-kit by BionX. Fast, powerful, and easy to control, these kits fit many models of bikes by all major manufacturers. Available in both frame and rack-mount options, these kits turn your current bike into an E-bike with a 500w motor with a range of up to 135km on a single charge. The 48V Lithium Ion battery is light and efficient and charges in under 5 hours.


We have demo E-bikes available right now for test riding, so come on in to talk about options and try one out for yourself.